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Writing is hard enough. Let American Author help you design the kind of professional website that not only expresses your work the way you want it represented, but reaches the widest possible audience and provides you with the most personalized and experienced technical support available.

As Authors ourselves, we quickly realized that having a website was absolutely vital for promoting and selling our books. We also realized that, like us, most writers don't exactly start with the largest marketing budget. The unfortunate fact that the majority of web designers charge thousands of dollars for even the most rudimentary website was even more discouraging.

That's why we started American Author! Our goal was to set up a system so that even the least computer-savvy individuals could quickly create a personalized, professional website that would allow you to:

  • Promote yourselves and your book(s)
  • Be taken seriously by publishers
  • Build and maintain a loyal reader following
  • Interact with your readers
  • Increase book sales
  • Spread the word about book signings and other appearances
  • Inform your readers about upcoming books

But that was just the beginning! The difficult part of our ambitious goal was making sure that each website was:

  • Affordable— Even for authors with a tight budget
  • Fully editable— With an easy to use interface
  • Eye catching and professional
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to organize and change menu items and pages
  • Easy to upload photos and files such as PDF's and Word Documents
  • Easily optimized to show up first on Google searches and other search engines
  • Easy to integrate into blogs, e-commerce, and various social media platforms

We're extremely proud to say that we believe we've accomplished all of that and then some. After years of work (and coffee fueled all-nighters) it's all worth it when we receive nice letters and emails like the ones below.

100% Made
& Supported in the USA

We call ourselves American Author for a reason: American Author was conceived, built, and still operates in Chelan, Washington. Every dollar you spend with us, remains in the same small town we were founded in and continues to stimulate and grow the local economy.

Fully Responsive Designs

Regardless of the device you or your readers choose to use, your website is visible and engaging on the go.

Our websites are easy to use and readable on every platform, format, or device that you, or your readers, choose to use.


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