Helping Publishers

If successful authors all have web sites, why doesn’t every author have one?

  • Too expensive?
  • Too complicated?
  • Too intimidating?

We are your solution.
We help publishers get a web site for every author.

Easy and Affordable: If American Author made author web sites easy and affordable, and if American Author
took care of everything, how much could your publishing program benefit?

  Helping Authors

If you’re a self-published or traditionally published author and responsible for your own web site, we can help.

We specialize in author web sites:

  • Affordable
  • Wordprocessor ease of use
  • Unlimited content pages
  • Online and live phone technical support

A professional author web site design is an essential tool for every successful author. In today’s world an effectively designed web presence is as important as the paper your book is printed on.

Ready-to-go web sites: With title metadata we can create a ready-to-go web site with home, author, book, contact and order pages. Publisher or author then adds unlimited additional content.

Publisher branding generates traffic: American Author automatically displays your publisher brand on author web sites, and we link back to your publisher web site. Now author web sites can build the Publishers Internet footprint.

We handle tech support! Save the expense of technical support. At American Author, we take care of everything.


Writing and publishing a book changes your life.

Your author web site is a natural marketing tool for your book. It's also a place for you to interact with the world of authors, publishers, readers and the media. American Author web sites are uniquely designed to grow and evolve in step with your own developing career.

Discover American Author's specific advantages for traditionally published and self-published authors, and for aspiring writers by clicking here.

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